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Only someone who has experienced it can fully appreciate the overwhelming stress, insecurity and financial burden associated with being arrested on a criminal charge. When the charge involves driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, the potential consequences are so far-reaching that it is imperative to retain competent criminal defense counsel, and to do so immediately.

Tommy Kirk is a talented and highly respected criminal defense attorney representing criminal defendants throughout the entire state of Alabama. He is a nationally recognized defender in DUI cases and travels throughout the country speaking and lecturing at DUI Seminars for other attorneys. He has provided effective criminal defense representation throughout the state of Alabama and has focused exclusively in the area of DUI for over 25 years.

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Throughout this site you will find information about the DUI defense firm of The Law Office of John T. (Tommy) Kirk. You will also find frequently asked questions about the various areas of the law and the types of criminal prosecutions in which the firm particularly excels.

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